Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Open Letter to Mr. Hogan on the Dover City Council

This is in response to letters Mr. Hogan posted in the State News (March 22nd) and in the Dover Post (March 23rd).

Mr. Hogan. According to the City itself, the pay increase from 2010 to 2011 for city employees totaled about $735,665 for full time workers. The payroll for full time workers in 2010 was about $17,874,917. That means that the average salary increase for a city employee just this last year has been about 4.1% Sure, that includes step increases for some and promotions for others, and probably some salary reductions from new hires.... but all of it is a pay increase, paid by the city taxpayer. I haven't seen that kind of increase in my income for a very long time. How about you, sir? From what I understand, we are on track this year to award similar raises to City employees, most of whom live outside of the City (they're the smart ones, that is for sure). Do you think that we can continue to add 3/4 of a million dollars to the budget each and every year for salary increases? Come on, Mr. Hogan, stop trying to defend this extravagance. Maybe you just don't understand the problem. Or maybe you are just trying to defend your own questionable decisions. How much was the annual budget for the City when you came to Council? I know that since my councilman (Mr. Ruane) has been working on council, the budget has just about doubled. He's a nice fellow, but I wouldn't want him managing my personal finances. We appreciate most City employees and nobody wants to see anybody suffer, but my pay is going down as quickly as theirs is going up. We can be a lot more fair to taxpayers while providing a fair, living wage (with MODEST raises) to our employees. The City needs to change the way they spend tax dollars, and I don't think that you really understand that. I would like to thank the members of Council that had the courage to address this issue, and I regret that they have upset you.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cronyism Cartoon

Take a look at Rob Tornoe's cronyism cartoon featuring Governor Minner and Lee Ann Walling. State bureaucrats can file this in their "Sad but Obviously True" drawer.

Friday, September 19, 2008

State News Votes For Brad Bennett

Today on the front page of the Delaware State New, sporting very few facts and a spittune full of allegations, journalist Drew Volturo cast his early vote for democrat Brad Bennett in the race for the 32nd Representative district.

One unhappy person along with Representative Stone's opposition complained about a push poll asking district voters leading and biased questions. Based on that alone, the paper's most gifted jounalist does his utmost to crucify the integrity of Ms Stone.

The State News should have done more work to verify these statements before slinging mud at Representative Stone. For all we know, the poll could have been done by some misguided supporter from either side. Why is the State News so quick to jump to such harsh conclusions? I know... its so they can say things like "Stone denies she initiated campaign calls". You read something like that and you just know the poor soul is guilty, right?

State News... your bias is showing along with your complete lack of ethics and fairness.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Jack Markell vs George Bush

In his ads, you'd think that Mr. Markell is running against George Bush. I suppose it's difficult to steam ahead when your party is telling you to wait your turn, Jack... but how about a reality check. Democrats have held the Governor's seat since 1993 and it's John Carney you have to worry about, not George Bush. "W" isn't the one stinkin' up the sheets at Woodburn, don't you know?

As for me and thousands of hard-working, taxpaying Delawareans.... it's not George Bush that we need to worry about either. With your plans to make Delaware into the best welfare state on the east coast, I'm thinking that it is YOU that we really need to fear.

Look north to New Jersey if you want to see Mr. Markell's vision for Delaware. Another sinking ship piloted by well-meaning but financially irresponsible democrats.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Note to Elizabeth Edwards

Mrs. Edwards.

My wife and I were sad to hear about your cancer diagnosis today. We understand the "alarm mode" you talked about at Chapel Hill, and we truly sympathize with you and your family. We hope that all of you can find privacy when you need it and that you can always count on the comfort of one another. We wish you the best in the fight of your life.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The "Vote Different" Ad on Youtube

Well, the guy that posted the famous 1984ish political ad on Youtube depicting Senator Hillary Clinton in Big Mother mode has outed himself... probably in preparation for the book deal and the TV Movie. Turns out it wasn't Senator Obama's campaign or even some evil Republican that done the dirty deed. Obama supporter, Phil De Vellis claims all the altruistic responsibility today at the Huffintonpost.

Phil may be proud of himself for his little flick and for boldly going where no citizen has gone before... but I'm just bored with it. In my invisible opinion, political ads of any origin are rubbish and offer nothing but half truths to the voter. I think that they do more harm than good. I'd rather see the candidates (all of the candidates) debating with very little moderating. Aren't most people sick of political ads by now, or is it just me?

On second thought, maybe it'd actually be better to confine ALL political ads to Youtube.

Thanks and a hat-tip to Taos Eddy for posting the link to the Huffintonpost on Newzap.