Thursday, October 26, 2006

Capital School's high-paid thief slapped on wrist

They cry for more money, but..... Alfreda Dean, the Dover High School Secretary that took $6,300 from the school's activity funds had her wrist slapped earlier this week. Ms Dean, who made nearly $40,000 a year as a secretary at the school, will have to spend the next year on probation, and she's been told to pay back the money she stole. She accepted the misdemeanor charge, no doubt with a joyful heart and a faux tear in her eye. To my way of thinking, that "punishment" is not nearly enough for betraying the public trust. Mr. Biden, please take note.

Hey Capital School District, $40,000 for a school secretary .... have you hired a replacement yet? I can type pretty good. I vote too.
Thank you State Auditor Tom Wagner for doing what the School Superintendant, Dr. Michael D. Thomas didn't have sense enough to do. You advised the District that there were problems long before Ms. Dean was charged, and Dr. Thomas, you and all of your staff should be ashamed that you allowed this to go on for as long as it did.