Thursday, January 18, 2007

Capital School Referendum

Just two words to describe Capital School District's fiscal responsibility... Alfreda Dean. Through mismanagement of tax dollars, Capital allowed this overpaid secretary to use our money for her personal benefit. She was found guilty of stealing "only" $6300, and given a years probation. Just a misdemeanor for stealing our tax dollars. I wonder how much more she took without being caught. And Why Are We Paying a Capital Secretary $40,000 per year?

While Ms Dean's actions are despicable, Capital should never have allowed this to happen. They were warned by the State that their system was not working, but I don't think that they worried about it very much at all. All they need to do is to raise our taxes. Stop giving Capital a blank check.

Of course they claim that its for the children, after all... who would vote against children... but the Alfreda Dean attitude by the Capital Taxhogs indicates mismanagement and greed. Capitals irresponsible money management and over-paid administrative staff is significant proof that the districts need to be combined to save tax dollars.

Taxpayers must hold Capital School District accountable because they have already proven they cannot be trusted. And don't forget that Kent County tax reassessment on the horizon.