Monday, September 1, 2008

Jack Markell vs George Bush

In his ads, you'd think that Mr. Markell is running against George Bush. I suppose it's difficult to steam ahead when your party is telling you to wait your turn, Jack... but how about a reality check. Democrats have held the Governor's seat since 1993 and it's John Carney you have to worry about, not George Bush. "W" isn't the one stinkin' up the sheets at Woodburn, don't you know?

As for me and thousands of hard-working, taxpaying Delawareans.... it's not George Bush that we need to worry about either. With your plans to make Delaware into the best welfare state on the east coast, I'm thinking that it is YOU that we really need to fear.

Look north to New Jersey if you want to see Mr. Markell's vision for Delaware. Another sinking ship piloted by well-meaning but financially irresponsible democrats.

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