Friday, September 19, 2008

State News Votes For Brad Bennett

Today on the front page of the Delaware State New, sporting very few facts and a spittune full of allegations, journalist Drew Volturo cast his early vote for democrat Brad Bennett in the race for the 32nd Representative district.

One unhappy person along with Representative Stone's opposition complained about a push poll asking district voters leading and biased questions. Based on that alone, the paper's most gifted jounalist does his utmost to crucify the integrity of Ms Stone.

The State News should have done more work to verify these statements before slinging mud at Representative Stone. For all we know, the poll could have been done by some misguided supporter from either side. Why is the State News so quick to jump to such harsh conclusions? I know... its so they can say things like "Stone denies she initiated campaign calls". You read something like that and you just know the poor soul is guilty, right?

State News... your bias is showing along with your complete lack of ethics and fairness.

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