Friday, March 9, 2007

Capital School District Referendums

Yesterday I was amazed to learn that a friend of mine had not voted in the Capital School referendum on March 7th. For the sake of concealing his identity from the person who visits this blog every week or two, I'll call this friend "Sal". Now Sal is a guy who has been known to complain for hours on end about liberals and CNN and taxes and democrats and such. In other words, a more vocal, better spoken, highly passionate, and further right version of BobbyDoodle.

So there I was, cubicaled and poised for discussion first thing on Thursday morn... the day after. "Sal", I hollered. "What do you think of the outcome of yesterday's referendum?"

Looking up from his flat screen, Sal's retort wasn't what I had expected by a long, long, long shot. "Darn" (expletive omitted), "was that yesterday?"

It seems that the bad weather had him involved with other things and as Sal put it, his brain is getting old.

It's really in the school's best interests to keep these referendums as quiet as possible. They broadcast it heavily to the parents, and that's surely their preferred demographic. They hold it at the schools and, from what I've read on the Newszap forums, they may be inviting parents in for a free lunch on referendum day. Those that vote for these referendums are very organized so, all in all, the cards are stacked against Sal and me, and maybe you too.

Next referendum, I will remind Sal that he needs to vote. Sal will remind Mrs. Sal and one or two others. If you want me to remind you, send me an email, and I'll do my very best.

I hope that Capital School District puts all that new money to good use for the sake of education. I hope that they are smart enough to handle that money correctly, and I hope that they are as careful with it as I would have been, had they not taken it from me. Understanding the built-in dumbness of government, I don't believe that they are capable of actually doing any of that. And there is always the Alfreda Dean factor. Anyway, the money is theirs now, and all thoughts at Capital can be turned to the next referendum. Hold onto your wallet, my friend.

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