Thursday, March 8, 2007

Capital School District Will Have Its Way

Well, they've done it again, Capital School District has raised our property taxes. Property owners in the District will be paying 13 Million dollars to satisfy the "needs" of the District for a year or two, just until the next referendum (and at least two more have been promised on the heels of this one).

Dr. Thomas and his overpaid staff have not been managing money as effectively as I have had to do this winter, I can promise you. Our hard-earned dollars are just easy money to them, and they've already shown their contempt for the taxpayer.

Lets hope that the State Auditor continues to watch Capital District staff to dissuade another Alfreda Dean moment. I've just seen Auditor Thomas Wagner posing in the William Henry Middle School newsletter February 2007 edition, and I'd feel much better if he kept an "all business" relationship with the schools of Capital. We need you watching them, Mr. Wagner... they can't be trusted to do it themselves. Please keep a discreet distance, sir.

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