Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The "Vote Different" Ad on Youtube

Well, the guy that posted the famous 1984ish political ad on Youtube depicting Senator Hillary Clinton in Big Mother mode has outed himself... probably in preparation for the book deal and the TV Movie. Turns out it wasn't Senator Obama's campaign or even some evil Republican that done the dirty deed. Obama supporter, Phil De Vellis claims all the altruistic responsibility today at the Huffintonpost.

Phil may be proud of himself for his little flick and for boldly going where no citizen has gone before... but I'm just bored with it. In my invisible opinion, political ads of any origin are rubbish and offer nothing but half truths to the voter. I think that they do more harm than good. I'd rather see the candidates (all of the candidates) debating with very little moderating. Aren't most people sick of political ads by now, or is it just me?

On second thought, maybe it'd actually be better to confine ALL political ads to Youtube.

Thanks and a hat-tip to Taos Eddy for posting the link to the Huffintonpost on Newzap.

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